Anarchy Violence EP

by Wartorn

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Debut EP from SORE THROAT Singer Rich's early 90's band. Featuring Ian from UK 80's Black Death legends QUATHROS on vocals and Lennaert of BOYCOTT on Drums. The EP and all the other recordings by the band will be reissued on a full anthology LP on Italy's F.O.A.D. records.

The band were formed to play in the time honoured tradition of loud, fast rules! Inspired by SIEGE, GAUZE, GUDON, SAVAGE CIRCLE, early POISON IDEA, NEON CHRIST and ANTIDOTE, aiming for a mix of 80's Japanese and US hardcore styles.


released May 7, 2015

Ian - Lead Vox
Rich - Guitar & Vox
Lennaert - Drums

Bamber - Bass on tracks 1 to 10
Mel - Additional vox on tracks 6 to 10

Tracks 1 to 5 originally released as the "ANARCHY VIOLENCE" EP
Recorded at In-A-City Studios 1992
Tracks 6 to 10 originally released on the "TRAPPED IN TOOTH GEAR" Sampler LP
Recorded at Fulton Street Studios 1992



all rights reserved


Sore Throat Huddersfield, UK

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Track Name: Armed Response
Watch your back
The nightwatch creep
A bullet in your head
While your sleep
Rich mans lackeys
Tools of the state
Guardians of injustice
Breeders of hate

With an armed response
We’re kept in place
Born in freedom
But die in chains
Track Name: Identity Crisis
Unreliable – seek acceptance
New mask – ready to use
Chameleon – change your colours
Disregard – previous views

Leech – draining opinions
Spiteful – Janus reincarnate
Subjugate – Your personality
Disharmonised – ready to hate

Weak minded, pathetic
I see through you
Track Name: How To Destroy Angels
In his fortress of lies
You worship a cross of iron
Myth creator – soul enslaver
His crown of thorns is dying

The lord giveth – and taketh away
But not this time – It works the other way

Where purity is paramount
The truth will be denied
You can’t judge a book by its cover
But there’s a fucking sick story inside

With My Raven's Beak
I peck at his eyes
Bringing him down
To where no angels fly
Track Name: Man Made
Man made nothing
But fucking endless misery
The sole brutal cause
Of ecological atrocities

Crawling through the wreck-age
We see but only peripherally
The fallen angels sucking dry
Then pumping shit into the sea
Track Name: Mission Impossible
Save your scene
Or save the world
The choice is yours
The truth is heard

Mission impossible
You to decide
As one we bleed
As all we die…
Track Name: Pledge Of Non Allegiance (Bonus Track)
I refuse to accept
Any religion or nationality
To ignorantly wallow
In blind mass security
To stay true to my own heart
I bow to no man
I am my own master
With allegiance to none
Track Name: Ground Zero (Bonus Track)
Avaricious plutocrats theorize
No equilibrium to materialise
Mainstream culture rotten to the core
Agree to relent or all out war

No control – situation realised
The populace to be neutralised
Drop the bomb subdue the threat
Ground zero’s result pacified by death
Track Name: All Or Nothing (Bonus Track)
Never or forever
The tables are turning
All or nothing
The balance is tipping

Take away my dignity
Try and crush my pride
Don’t act so shocked
When I spit in your eyes
You have always had
Where I can only dream
Try and force me under
I’ll bring you down too
Track Name: Meltdown & Out (Bonus Track)
Man and machine
Forever internecine
Harness a holocaust
Profit at any cost

Forget the leaks
A fusion diffusion
Silence the workers
And leukaemia children
A poisoned ecosystem
Falling ever further
Meltdown and out
To the nuclear winter
Track Name: Northern Six Pack (Bonus Track)
See us at shows
Beers in hand
Positive drinkers
Until the end
Rather have a beer
Than join your fight
Give us a gallon
And we’re alright

Northern six pack
Beer not bombs!!