Banzai EP

by Wartorn

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Second EP from SORE THROAT Singer Rich's early 90's band. Featuring Ian from UK 80's Black Death legends QUATHROS on vocals, Lennaert of BOYCOTT on Drums and James of IRON MONKEY on Bass. Originally released on vinyl in late 1993 by a US label, the EP and all the other recordings by the band will be reissued on a full anthology LP on Italy's F.O.A.D. records.

The band were formed to play in the time honoured tradition of loud, fast rules! Inspired by SIEGE, GAUZE, GUDON, SAVAGE CIRCLE, early POISON IDEA, NEON CHRIST and ANTIDOTE, aiming for a mix of 80's Japanese and US hardcore styles.


released May 6, 2015

Ian - Lead Vox
Rich - Guitar & Vox
James - Bass & Vox
Lennaert - Drums

Recorded at Fulton Street Studios
Bradford, September 1993
Engineered by Dave Cullings
Produced by The Boss

Proceeds from this will be donated to the PDSA in the UK



all rights reserved


Sore Throat Huddersfield, UK

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Track Name: Pledge Of Non Allegiance
I refuse to accept
Any religion or nationality
To ignorantly wallow
In blind mass security
To stay true to my own heart
I bow to no man
I am my own master
With allegiance to none
Track Name: Relapse To Radicalism
Anarcho revolutionary
To fascist reactionary
Confuse with dogma
Your tactics distractionary
If the hat fits
Then wear it proudly
Hiding true intentions
From those who follow blindly

Self gratification
Personal elevation
Rise above all others
By verbal masturbation
Track Name: Conspiracy Theory
Multinational mind pollution
Individuality – Gradual dilution
Enforced poverty enslavement
Ghettoised – resistance fading

Capital control mindfuck
Born the wrong class, and out of luck
Conspiracy theory, or thoughts irrational?
Imperial conspiracists international
Track Name: Meltdown & Out
Man and machine
Forever internecine
Harness a holocaust
Profit at any cost

Forget the leaks
A fusion diffusion
Silence the workers
And leukaemia children
A poisoned ecosystem
Falling ever further
Meltdown and out
To the nuclear winter
Track Name: How To Destroy Angels
In his fortress of lies
You worship a cross of iron
Myth creator – soul enslaver
His crown of thorns is dying

The lord giveth – and taketh away
But not this time – It works the other way

Where purity is paramount
The truth will be denied
You can’t judge a book by its cover
But there’s a fucking sick story inside
Track Name: The Ivory Tower
Until you rot
You stand alone
In your Ivory tower
Of flesh and bone
Among fetid gristle
You spawn more lies
Distortion of perfection
Behind sightless eyes

When your walls come down
I shall not weep
And on your fate
I’ll lose no sleep
Track Name: Last Among Equals
Your revolution
Means nothing to me
This perverse idea
Of equality

An insular subculture
For the righteous few
Introvert authoritarians
With stagnating views

Last among equals
First to be used
Power seeking elite
With no fucking clue
Track Name: Mission Impossible
Save your scene
Or save the world
The choice is yours
The truth is heard

Mission impossible
You to decide
As one we bleed
As all we die…
Track Name: Cause & Effect
Support a cause
Monitor the effect
Place old views
In retrospect
Realigned mentality
Freedom born again
A convenient persona
You just slip in

Fool the “kids”
Fuck off the freaks
You may fool them
But you don’t fool me
Track Name: Remember Kronstadt
A power crazy privileged few
Silencing dissidents with iron rule
Lying cheating commie fuck
Anti capitalist when it suits….
Track Name: W.T.D.